The reply email should be to “a journal editor” instead it went to “the journal administrator email”

Hi @asmecher ,

We (at UofC) are on OJS ojs-3.1.2-4. We also ran into this same below issue where the “reply email” should be to “a journal editor” instead it went to “the journal administrator email”. And this issue only happens on a certain journals and templates, it does not happen to all journals and templates. Some other email templates in some different journals works as expected.

I have tried to modify the roles of “a journal editor” for the problematic journal and templates hoping by changing roles it will correct the issue, but that did not solve problem.

I am willing to modify the email templates (codes) specific to those journal and templates, but not sure where to find the code or is there a better solution than modifying codes. Can you please point me? Any suggestion is much appreciated.

We have been using our University SMTP server, we do not use Google SMTP server.

( There is an old ticket related to this issue - Reply-To address on outgoing e-mails is journal primary address, should be individual editor? - #17 )

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Hi @dung,

Which emails are being sent out with the journal’s primary contact as the Reply-To that you think should use an editor’s email address as the Reply-To. We’ll need to investigate the issue on an email-by-email basis to determine the best Reply-To for each email.

Hi @NateWr I work with @dung and he asked me to respond to your question. The email that we know this issue is happening with is the “Request to reviewer.” There may be others, but we only know about them when the journals tell us there is an issue. If it would help I could send out an email to all of our journals to see if they know of any other email templates that the reply-to is set incorrectly?

Thanks! - Kate

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Hi @kcawthorn,

I’ve looked into the code and I can’t reproduce the problem that you describe. It looks like the email will come from the user (ie - editor) who makes the request. I tested this in our latest versions and that was indeed the case. I don’t have an instance of 3.1.x to test in, but it doesn’t look like the code has changed.

Do you mean the “reviewer registered” email by any chance? When creating a new reviewer, the system sends out two emails by default: the review request, as well as an email telling the reviewer they’ve been registered in the system. The latter email comes from the journal’s primary contact, but the first one seems to come from the active user.

Hi @NateWr

I have seen this issue for both the “editor decision” email from one journal and the “article review request” email from another journal. It appears that what happens it that the reply-to email is being set to our journal admin email address. So when a reviewer attempts to reply to the journal in response to the article review request email it is being sent to the admin email address. And then we manually forward the email to the journal editor. But ideally this wouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce this issue myself. Are you saying that it only arises in some cases? Or is it every time one of these two emails is sent that the Reply-To is set to the journal’s primary contact?

I appreciate you trying to help us figure out what is happening. The problem seems to be happening within a certain subset of our journals but only with specific email templates. I don’t know if it is happening every time one of these email templates are used because I only see the reply emails that end up sent to our admin email address. Which is why this issue is causing us such confusion when we try to figure it out. I will keep looking on my side and see if I can find any more information that might help explain what is happening. Thanks again