Automatic email reminders sent from principal contact not section editor

We are running OJS and have come across an issue with the address of the sender for automatic email reminders for reviewers. This thread seems to point to the same issue but the problem couldn’t be recreated and the thread closed:

The journal is set to have automatic email reminders for overdue reviews and invitations to review.
When a section editor is assigned to a submission and they assign a reviewer, the request for review is sent from the section editor. i.e. the section editor appears to send the email to the reviewer, their name is in the From field and replies to the email would be sent to the section editor. Email template REVIEW_REQUEST
review request cropped

However, the automatic review request reminder (Email template REVIEW_REQUEST_REMIND_AUTO) is sent from the Principal Contact as configured in the journal setting contact section, not the section editor.
review request auto remind cropped

When the section editor manually sends the review request remind, it comes from the section editor.
I haven’t yet tested with other automatic reminder emails, but it seems that the auto remind is at least one of the templates causing the problem.

Hi @jhatherill!

Thanks for sharing. Looks like that other thread the other user was using 3.1, so I’m not sure if there would be some differences here as you are using 3.3 - but I’m flagging @NateWr here to potentially weigh in, given that he worked on the other thread and might be able to give some insights.


This is the way it is intended to work. Automated emails do not really come from the section editor. In 3.4 we are revisiting our default email messages to make this behaviour clearer. The email message should indicate when an email is sent automatically by the system, rather than manually by an individual.

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