Seeking Insights: Plugin Compatibility Issue in PKP Version

Hello PKP Community,

I hope this post finds you all in good spirits. I’ve recently encountered a challenge related to plugin compatibility in PKP version Specifically, it appears that some plugins are disabled, and I’m seeking assistance from the community.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with plugin compatibility in PKP If so, could you please share your insights or any solutions you may have found? I’ve checked the documentation, but I’m still facing difficulties.

I appreciate any help or guidance the community can provide in resolving this compatibility concern.

What application are you using?
For example, OJS 3.3.0-4

Additional information

Hi @Nive,

The Plugin compatibility utility is not yet working for OJS 3.4, we hope to have it working in the near future. In the meantime, the safest way to know what plugins are compatibile with OJS 3.4 is to only install the plugins that are within the plugin gallery.

PKP Team