Easy and problem free self-installing OJS software upgrades

Hi Alec,

Two thoughts, Maybe if there was some documentation on the subscription and pay-per-view modules that we could use to create a subgroup to develop this further. Open access is fine but someone has to pay for the copy editing, layout, production, hosting, overhead, healthcare, etc. OA simply shifts the cost to the authors. Supporting subscriptions allows existing journals to move towards OA. In the recent report of the OA promoters, only 26% had met the goals of full OA. The financial reality is that OA does not yet work as a business model. OA also incentivizes publishers (and predatory publishers) to publish virtually anything as the revenue line is dependent on it. It impugns the peer-review process (or unduly puts pressure on it) to move everything forward. Finally you mentioned you would like details on OJS 3.4 issues. Here is a link we follow and OJS3.4 does not show up. PKP Plugins List and here is a link to a similar discussion. Seeking Insights: Plugin Compatibility Issue in PKP Version

I guess I don’t have much to add to the discussion except my desire to maybe break out a development group to support subscriptions. We recently ran into a bug where subscription expiration notices where being sent even when the subscriber was current. We traced it down to this issue but I can’t determine if the fix has been added to the 3.3 build. > OJS 3 - subscribers are getting renewal reminders even though they have current subscription - #5 by rm_is_too_short

Thank you!