PKP PN plugin - Unknown LOCKSS state inProgress


We have enabled the PKP PN plugin for a journal we host, but the deposit does not appear to be working. When I look at the deposits, the status is “Error” and the error is “Unknown LOCKSS state inProgress”.

I have tried reinstalling the plugin and resetting the deposits (the latter a couple of times). Do you have any suggestions of what we can do to troubleshoot this error?

I have also looked at the useful hints/troubleshooting hints on GitHub (–troubleshooting-hints) and confirmed that the necessary database tables are present, daily log files are being created, and so forth.

What application are you using?
We are running OJS and the plugin version is

Additional information

Hi @Ramfra!

This is a bug at the plugin, and it has been fixed already (Missing mapping for the "inProgress" state · Issue #18 · pkp/pln · GitHub), in fact, the deposit has been received by the PKP Preservation Network.


Hi @jonasraoni,

That’s great! I had seen that bug mentioned, but didn’t realize it applied to our situation.

Is there a way for us to check for future journals that the deposit has in fact been received if/when we see this error? I saw mention of a spreadsheet here but the link doesn’t appear to be working anymore.


The link is working for me. Anyway, the presence of your deposit on this list just mean that it has been received by the system.

To confirm that it has been preserved, you’ve got to wait for a positive answer from the plugin or to query the status at The Keepers Registry. On this site you can input the ISSN of your journal, then on the next interface you can click on the Archival Status then Extent or archive, and it should show such information:

Jonas Raoni

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