PKP PN Plugin error Unknown LOCKSS state inProgress eventhough journal issues appear on the list of journal list spreadsheet

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I have a question about the PK PN plungin. I have it enabled on several of the journals we host. The journals have in the “Status” “Error” and under “Error” it has “Unknown LOCKSS state inProgress”. When I check the spreadsheet found here:, they all appear there. What does this mean if they appear on the list of journals spreadsheet when the PK PN plugin status shows the error?

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I also read in other forum questions when there is an error it is asked the base_url :

It looks correct to me.

Hi, I’m having exactly the same issue:


I’m not very comfortable ignoring status=error and message=“Unknown LOCKSS state inProgress”. But the onix.csv file does seem to list all our journal content.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @fgnievinski,

I’d say it’s a soft error that will cause no harm, but that should be addressed nevertheless. I’ve just checked the plugin’s code, and I think it will need an update.
Anyway, can you tell me the version of your plugin and OJS?


Hi @jonasraoni I found when I reset the “Unknown LOCKSS state inProgress” and “Status” “Error” in 3 or so days the “Status” shows “Completed”.

Thanks for looking into this @jonasraoni.
The OJS version is The plugin gallery tab says PKP/PN is “Up to date”.
(I can’t seem to find the plugin version, as I’m not a site admin, just a journal editor. I’ve tried looking in the HTML source code, to no avail.)

Thanks for the information. I just created an issue here: [Plugin][PLN] Missing mapping for the "inProgress" state · Issue #7885 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

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Thanks @Stephen, I confirm a reset helps indeed!


The issue which I’ve created should solve the problem once it gets merged (there’s a ready PR, which still needs to be backported and released). Therefore, I’m closing this issue.