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Hi all,

I just migrated from the OMP to the OMP
In the old version I implemented some changes on the frontend (templates) and would like to do the same also on the latest version.
In the past I used in the template $monograph->getSeriesTitle() to get the name of the series the monograph belongs to. Unfortunately this method/call is not available in the latest version.

Can you please help me what changes are required to get the same functionality also on the latest OMP version? That is the series name of the monograph, used in a frontent template.

Regards, Primož

For reference I posted the same question here OMP 3.3 Series title in monograph summary and an improvement suggestion here [OMP] Display series title and position in catalog view. But now my brilliant colleague Kevin, from our IT department, managed to solve it.

He added the following to the submission class classes/submission/

    function getSeriesTitle() {
            $publication = $this->getCurrentPublication();
            if (!$publication) {
                    return '';
            $seriesId = $publication->getData('seriesId');
            if (!$seriesId) {
                    return '';
            $seriesDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('SeriesDAO');
            $series = $seriesDao->getById($seriesId, $this->getData('contextId'));
            if (!$series) {
                    return '';
            return $series->getLocalizedTitle();

Apparently it’s a quick solution that may be improved, but it’s working fine for us here
Maybe this could work for you as well?

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Hi @mannemark,

Thank you for your help. It did the magic :slight_smile:

Best regards, Primož

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