OMP 3.3 Series title in monograph summary


I want to bring in the series title, if applicable, to the monograph summary (i.e. in the catalog view). Like this:
I managed to do so in OMP 3.1, I believe it was something simple like “getSeriesTitle” in monograph_summary.tpl. In 3.3 it no longer works and I can’t figure out how to make it work. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Magnus A

Hi @mannemark,

Thanks for your post. Could you let us know what specific version of OMP you’re using?


PKP Team

Oh sorry, of course, this is OMP The previous version where I could work it out was

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Great. Thanks! I’m not sure what would’ve changed, but I’ll try to see if some of my developer colleagues can weigh in and offer some advice.

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PKP Team

Any news here? It would be great to be able to show series title as well as position in the catalog view.