OJS 3 fails to send emails

I am writing to you for that there is some troubles in using the ojs3.
Some users cannot receive any emails for the system, including to the welcome email, email of Reviewer Register etc.
Could you please help to how to solve this question? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sherryy,

Could you please confirm which version of OJS 3 you using? The following thread that may be a good reference point for this issue:

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team


We are using OJS 3.0.2.

Could you please give more detailed steps? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Sherryy,

As there are a number of reasons why your emails might not be received. I would recommend the following:

  1. Confirm that your mail setting has been configured correctly. Please refer to the Admin Guide - Email section
  2. Check to see if you can receive an email from the system yourself. If you received it, the software application is probably sending email fine. You should then ask the user with the problem to check their email’s spam/junk folders
  3. Confirm that you have enabled the Email Validation for New Users
  4. Confirm the Principal Contact email. Some users have had email issues if the email address associated with the Principal Contact does not match their domain. For more information on this, please see the Admin Guide - Troubleshoot section
  5. Check your webserver’s log or host’s SMTP server log for if there are errors associated with sending emails to specific users.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowldge Project Team

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