[OJS 3.*] Crossref and Metadata in different languages

Hi! I’ve created this new topic, since, AFAIK, so far this has been discussed for OJS 2.* only: Crossref export plugin does not export the data in the original language

The problem is the following. Now there seem to be the only one way to specify the language we would like the metadata to be exported in. That is, we should change the ‘submission language’ in the article metadata.
IMHO, it is not quite correct, since the ‘submission language’ itself is a part of the metadata set. I.e. it should specify the language in which the article is originally written.
If this is correct, so it is obvious, that the ‘submission language’ should not be the same as the language of metadata exported to CrossRef. Most often those would be different.

So now I address my questions to @bozana. Thus you wrote:

  1. Does CrossRef actually support metadata in different languages?
  2. Is there a way to add a language selector for the CrossRef plugin, so users might explicitly choose the language(s) they would like the metadata to be exported in?

(I know you are working on the support of the new version of CrossRef API, thank you!)

Hi @Ph_We

To be honest I do not know if and how the Crossref would support the metadata in different languages. This we would need to discuss/see with them.
And currently there is no way to select a language for Crossref DOI export/registration – per default the original i.e. submission language is used.

I will tag @jmacgreg here, maybe he will know something more or how we should proceed…


Hi @bozana, thanks for your response.
The problem now is the following (to be more specific). Some Crossref representatives contacted our journal managers and recommended to submit all metadata in English, regardless of the original language.

I would rather agree with them, that is why I think it would be good to make language selection optional in the Crossref plugin.