OJS 3.1.1. The order of issues is constantly changing

Dear colleagues, please help to solve the problem!
I have installed OJS and immediately added more than 30 issues (published issues).
In admin panel everything is correct… order is correct


but on arhive page something very strange is happening!

Every time I refresh the page (F5 or Ctrl+F5) THE ORDER IS CHANGED… in random order.
All issues except the last which remains up as current

I’ve never seen this before… Please, tell me what to do?

In Western countries they have a tradition of starting the new numeration of issue Number every year and Volume number shows the number of a year after the year when the first issue was published: Periodical literature - Wikipedia
Maybe this causes troubles. Although, think the ordering should work even in this case…

hmm… yes, but I think this factor does not affect the order of issues in archive…

I’ve found this topic where more or less similar problem is solved for previous version of OJS

I tried to change some code in classes/issue/IssueDAO.inc.php but without effect

When I try to completely replace a file IssueDAO.inc.php with another from version it gives an error 500 message (

That issue was really annoying, but it was related to deletion of issues, and we had issues shuffled both in back- and front-end. It was solved and I have not noticed anything similar since then.

Yes, this is related to another problem… with me, not with OJS ))) I have already figured it out …
it was a real epic fail (((
The fact is that I forgot to fill the date of publication of all published issues, i.e more than 30 issues have the same publication data and were displayed randomly every time the page is updated :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:
please do not expel me from the forum ! :worried:

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