[OJS 3.0.2] Deleting any issue shuffles the order of issues in the Archive

Hi! Deleting any issue shuffles the order of issues in the Archive. Is it for me only? :frowning:
I’ve run out of archives I could shuffle (test). The issue is being reproduced stably.

Can you share some exact steps to reproduce the problem? Do you have to set up a custom issue ordering first? What unexpected reordering happens when an issue is deleted?

@ctgraham, I was lucky to find another test archive to record a video.

We have a lot of large archives, normally sorted by Year/Volume/Number. After deleting of any issue (and refreshing the page) all the other issues get sorted randomly (I cannot see any system in this).

I was able to replicate this on a journal where I had freshly imported new articles and issues without a custom issue order.

I’ll bet my lunch that this code needs a wrapper of if ($this->customIssueOrderingExists($issue->getJournalId())):

Or, perhaps better, IssueDAO::resequenceCustomIssueOrder() should check itself.

@Ph_We, you are welcome to test this fix, if desired:

For journals where custom issue ordering has been turned on incorrectly and randomly by this action of deleting an issue, you can clear the custom_issue_orders for that journal_id to restore the default of sorting by publication date.

@ctgraham, thanks very much for this. Unfortunately, I cannot test it now. But I was fortunate to test the issue deletion procedure on our test server before recommending it to the user :slight_smile:

Anyway, we had to clear the custom_issue_orders for that issue, but because of this one:

BTW, do you know if this latter issue will be resolved in OJS 3.1 (it is not tagged)?

Since the QuickSubmit plugin is not packaged inside of OJS, I’m not sure how strong the correlation is between tagging something for “OJS 3.1” in an external plugin is. I would expect that the latest compatible version of a plugin could be pulled from the plugin gallery, potentially even before OJS 3.1 is officially released.

@asmecher, can you comment on the relationship of application releases to plugin releases? What is our intent in synchronizing these (or not)?

Oh, I did not notice that issue was related to the plugin. I was sure QuickSubmit was a part of the core codebase. And I think, it should really be, since it is used quite often.