Journal manager and Journal Editor



In ojs I create two users with default config ojs:

user1 -> Role Name: Journal Manager -> Permission level: Journal Manager
user2 -> Role Name: Settings Journal editor -> Permission level: Journal Manager

The problem is that the “Journal Editor” can enter the same options as the “Journal Manager” so both have the same “Permission Level”. In other words, both are “Journal Manager”. This did not happen in OJS 2.4.X, the editor could not enter to modify the “About …” for example.



Hi @cristianviza,

This was an intentional change with the redesign of OJS 3.x – for the vast majority of users, we heard that the distinction between the user who works with the journal setup and the user who works as editor with the content was artificial. Re-introducing that distinction would require code changes.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team



Would it be possible to changes the codes? We have several editors that need access to the journal issues but do not wish to receive notifications everytime a new manuscript is submitted. With the journal editors having the same roles as the journal manager, they receive everything. Couldn’t the journal manager assign the journal editor after the manuscript has been submitted? This would prevent them from receiving unnecessary notifications, etc.


This is definitely something that we will need to look into before migrating to OJS 3. Many mid/large journals (and even lots of small ones) will have separate journal admin teams vs the editorial teams. Having only one permission level will mean that they will both see irrelevant options to their role. Many editors will also not know the intricacies of the management settings and thus journals are more open to errors being introduced by editors taking tasks upon themselves when theses are supposed to be controlled more centrally (e.g. as a publisher, we need to be involved in policy decisions). Even if some editors do need to have the journal manager permissions, it is still likely that this would be on an individual basis and not applied to everyone at the editorial level.

If nothing else I want Editors to focus on editing and not have the distraction of journal management, and I want journal managers to not have their interface diluted by editorial handling data, unless the settings/data are relevant. The OJS 2 division dealt with this very well, as it allowed each permission to be assigned on a user-level, providing the flexibility needed for different journal needs. The all or nothing option in OJS 3 will mean either a lot more training or trust that editors won’t click buttons that we don’t want them to.


I completely agree with TimW. We deal with lots of editors who do not have the skills to make the changes at the journal and website settings level or they might introduce changes which are not compliant with the overall objectives of the sites. I therefore support the separation of the Journal Manager and Editor permissions so that they can be allocated as required.