How to fill "Reply-To field" with the section's editor email in Reviewer Reminder mail?


The automatic reminder mail sent to reviewers (REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO_ONECLICK, REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO), is now sent from the Journal’s principal contact email.
When reviewers respond to this email, they reply to the Journal’s principal contact email.
We would like that reviewer can reply to the section editor’s which has assigned him.

Is there a way to modify the:
in the file (line 48)
in such a way that the “Reply-To field” is filled with the section editor’s email ?

I read similar questions in here:

But I didn’t find the answer.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Are you comfortable with PHP modifications?

You have the $article passed in to the function:

There could be more than one editor assigned to the submission. If you know you will only have one section editor assigned, you could just fetch all the assignments and and only select the first result:

You would then need to populate that editor’s details into the reply-to field and the signature:


Thanks a lot for your answer.

I understand the concept and where to do it but I would apreciate, if it isn’t too tricky, you could give me the code to populate the editor’s details into the reply-to field and the signature.

Thanks again for your answer.


Sorry, I can give advice, but I can’t manage everyone’s individual code changes that are not going to be pushed into the core product.

Do you have any other individuals in your organization who have PHP experience and who might be able to make the changes?


No worries, I understand and I will try to find out by myself.

I understand that there were some talks about identity of the reply-to address.

Why in that case did you choose to let reply-to address to null and why have you not consider to push this changing in the core product ?

Alec Smecher said that you consider for OJS 3 that the reply-to address would an account that OJS Itself managed.

Would it be possible to set reply-to address with the section editor’s email which has assigned the reviewer in that case of automatic reminder mail sent to reviewers?

Thanks again for your answer.


I like the idea, but I would need others more familiar with the workflow to comment. I don’t know if a single section editor could reliably be selected at the point of contact for the editorial workflow, when it appears multiple editors could be assigned to a submission.

Hi @ctgraham

I tried adding below code in sendReminder:

$editAssignmentDao =& DAORegistry::getDAO('EditAssignmentDAO');
$editAssignments =& $editAssignmentDao->getEditAssignmentsByArticleId($articleId);
$replyToList = array();
foreach($editAssignments as $editAssignment) {
       $name = $editAssignment->getEditorFullName();
       $email = $editAssignment->getEditorEmail();
       array_push($replyToList, array('name' => $name, 'email' => $email)));

and then setReplyTo needs to be modified to accept more than one reply-to contact.

 function getReplyToString($send = false) {
                 $replyTo = $this->getReplyTo();
                 if (is_array($replyTo)) {
                         if (array_key_exists('email', $replyTo) && $replyTo['email'] != null) {
                                 return (Mail::encodeDisplayName($replyTo['name'], $send) . ' <'.$replyTo['email'].'>');
                         } else {
                                 $replyToList = '';
                                 foreach ($replyToList as $replyTo) {
                                         $replyToList = Mail::encodeDisplayName($replyTo['name'], $send) . ' <'.$replyTo['email'].'>' . '; ' . $replyToList;
                                 return $replyToList;

                 } else {
                         return null;

Is that true that reply-to is assumed to be always at most one address?


RFC822 allows for multiple addresses in the reply-to field. I haven’t seen this implemented frequently, so I wonder how well this is implemented in mail clients.

Hi @ctgraham,

If multiple addresses are not alowed in the reply-to field, I thought about several options:

  1. Select only one section editor assigned by fecthing the first or the last result to have only one email in the reply-to field. That’s what I did.

  2. Add a field in review_assignments table to indicate which editor has really assigned the reviewer. Eventhough, it could have more than one editor assigned to a submission, in fact, only one of them has really assigned the reviewer via OJS interface

  3. Let the reply-to field empty but add in the body of the message the list of editors assigned to the submission with their name and email

What do you think about this options ?


I don’t have anything firm on this yet, but I did want to note that there is an internal discussion of the SPF implementation happening soon, and the implementation will likely change with the release of OJS 2.4.9.