How do I disable submission option?


Some of our journals prefer to receive all manuscript via email and not via the submission option in OJS. Is it possible to remove that functions from the settings, so it won’t show up on the UI? See the following page:

They want to keep the access to make a registration as a reader

Niels Erik

Author role missing on register page

For the journals that have requested this, I have just added a modfied submissions.tpl to their child theme folder and removed that section.

But I think disabling the submissions altogether in could be worth a setting in OJS, @asmecher?


Hi all,

I think if you disable author self-registration, users won’t be able to see the option to submit. Some of the default language would need to be changed so as not to suggest that submissions are open, but OTOH I think those are in journal setup.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi @asmecher

I do not think this is controlled by the self-registration setting: Basically users that are not logged in will see the text “{$login} or {$register} to make a submission.” anyway.

It would make sense that if you do not allow submissions through the system, that whole section would be hidden from the submissions page. This is also part of a larger suggestion here:


Hi @ajnyga,

Ah, you’re correct, and it wouldn’t make sense to hide/show that text based on the ability to self-register. The issue you filed captures the requirement well.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I am not sure if the self-register setting should be regarded as a setting that controls submissions. What if a journal wants to allow registrations to reader role but does not want to allow submissions through the system?


Hi @ajnyga,

Yes, that’s what I meant – the self-registration setting is not a good fit for this. Let’s continue on the issue you filed.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


ah sorry, I read “it would make sense” :smiley:


See Alec, even potus makes mistakes like this!



Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Although I’ve disabled author self-registration but enabled reader self-registration there’s still a problem, cause when you login as reader and go to ‘View Profile’ you’ll see the New Submission link in the left menu. Although you only have the reader role, you’re still able to make a new submission. That was not the intention, I guess.
Niels Erik

Users with only the reader role can make submissions in OJS 3.1.1

I think OJS just does not have a “disable submissions” setting at the moment. It should and I think @asmecher agreed. So it is just a matter of coding it in I guess.


Will this problem soon be solved? It hasn’t been solved in the OJS


sry, have not had the time, but this is on my todo list.


Great. Thank you very much.


How is this going???