Users with only the reader role can make submissions in OJS 3.1.1


in my OJS 3.1.1 journals, users with only the reader role can make submission. Is this a bug or intended?

If it is intended: What is the differences between users with reader vs. users with author role?

And why is there no checkbox “Author” on the register page when the optione “self registration” is selected for the author role? The way it is, authors must go to the profile page and select the role there.



This in intented. Users without a role in a specific context can now start the submission process. If they do not have an author role in the journal, they need to choose one in step 1 of the submission process.

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Hi @ajnyga,

  • OJS + only reader role + author self registration=off: I can start a submission but I get error message “Select the role that best describes your contribution to this submission.” in step 1 → step 2 (but there is no role to select).

  • OJS + only reader role + author self registration=on: I can make a submission and I get the author role without being asked

In general, this is all a bit confusing to me. I have the options to allow self registration for several roles but what happens when turning it on/off is different depending on the role. I get the reader role in any case if no other roles are open for self registration, and if I turn self registration on for authors and reviewers, I have to select the author role in the profile. Whereas I don’t need to select it in the profile if I only turn on self registration for authors. For some roles, allowing self registration leads to a checkbox on the register site, for others (e.g. authors) it will not.

It is hard to find out (and remember!) how int works.


ping @NateWr, concerning the error in the submission form step 1.

I agree the role system around Readers and Authors is confusing. It helps to think of them as different kinds of roles from the other roles in the system, and some of the opaque behaviour is intended to shield occasional users of a journal from some of the complexities of the whole system.

The Reader role is the basic role which we try to grant automatically. However, because user accounts are shared across the system, a user registering with one journal needs to be assigned the Reader role in that journal but not others. If a user registers at the site-wide registration form, they’ll need to opt into the Reader role for the journals they want.

The Author role is something that we try to grant automatically during submission. However, the flexibility of the role system means that you can have several authorial roles, and these can be set up differently. You might want a general Author role that users can self-assign during submission. But you may also have translator or other authorial roles which you don’t want users to opt into. This flexibility can lead to situations like you describe, so for the moment it’s important to make sure you’ve got at least one authorial role which can be self-assigned.

Whenever possible, we try to prevent the user from having to self-assign when we can do it for them. This is why you sometimes won’t see the opt-in. For example, if there is only one author role, we can opt them into this during submission (with the appropriate GDPR privacy consent declaration).

Sorry but so how do you solve the question? Who registers must then go to the profile and assign themselves the role of author?
Can’t it be done automatically?

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