Author role missing on register page

On our OJS 3 platform you can register with all our journals at once. See: Registrér
But only the Reader and Reviewer role is available.
We would like the author role to be available too. Can you tell how we manage to do that?
Niels Erik

With the latest OJS upgrade users can require that role while doing a submission. So even if a user does not have an author role, they can require it just by doing a new submission to the journal. There they can choose an author role in step 1. (edit: I actually wrote about this to Jesper like 5 minutes ago :grinning:)

See the discussion here: [OJS] The current role does not have access to this operation -message needs more details on how to acquire the needed role · Issue #2297 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub (note that the final version of feature is a lot different from what I started with, but it solves the same problem)

Thanks. I guess its not so self-evident. And it gives me another problem, cause several of our journals don’t want to allow their users to register as authors. They don’t want them to submit any files, but now they can short cut that decision. That’s not so good.

Have you tried what happens if you select Users & Roles => Site Access Options => The Journal Manager will register all user accounts. Editors or Section Editors may register user accounts for reviewers.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Editors or Section Editors may register user accounts for reviewers” but if I select “The Journal MAnager will register all user accounts” no roles will appear:

Ok, so you want to accept registration to Reader and Reviewer, but not to Author.

So did you try editing the author role in those journals and deselecting “Allow user self-registration”?

Yes, I deselected “Allow user self-registration”

and now that you go to the submission form, there is an author role available there in step 1?

Yes, unfortunately it doesn’t prevent sending a submission.

are you trying with an user account that has some managerial role like editor?

I mean the current code should check if self-registration is available when it creates a list of available author roles to the submission form: pkp-lib/ at master · ajnyga/pkp-lib · GitHub

Do you see a list of avalaible roles in the submission form step 1?

But I actually think that the key here would be an option to just turn off submissions in a journal like suggested here: How do I disable submission option?

After a much needed weekend I’ve made a new test and this time I was nos able to make a submission if my only role was as reader. Thank you very much for the help
Niels Erik

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