Academicons not displayed

I want to use academicons in my website but failed. I have gone through all the following posts but no luck:

  • I have searched the browser console and noticed that it is loaded in the header.
  • Php error log does not mention about academicons or any error relevant to it.

I have entered the following two codes to load the css files:

			array('baseUrl' => '')
			array('baseUrl' => '')

1- fonts.googleapis are loaded successfully and visible in my custome block.
2- academicons are not visible in the same table in the custome block.
Anyone can help me figure out why I am not able to pull the academicons?

Child theme based on default manuscript

Hi @seisense,

In you test installation, I don’t see any related code for the icons in the table inside custom block.
If you are using them through <i> tag, make sure that it’s allowed in

Thanks @Vitaliy
in my, I found tag is allowed as below:

Is this ok? please correct me if there is any mistake.

following is what I entered in custom block source code

after I click ok and go back to open the source code window. It shows the code like this:

Although, I entered the tag for googleepis as well yet it replaces with <em tag by itself and produces the cloud icon.


For Academicons <i tags are altogether removed so it does not result an icon.
@kawahyu you have once raised this issue here

Were you able to solve it?
Your input is highly appreciated

Hello all, @asmecher,

Sorry to bump this old thread…
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to solve my problem.
I need the <span class|style|id> attributes enabled.

I have in

; Allowed HTML tags for fields that permit restricted HTML.
; For PHP 5.0.5 and greater, allowed attributes must be specified individually
; e.g. <img src|alt> to allow "src" and "alt" attributes. Unspecified
; attributes will be stripped. For PHP below 5.0.5 attributes may not be
; specified in this way.
allowed_html = "span[class|id|style|title|name],a[href|target|class|id|style|title|name],em,strong,cite,code,ul[type|class|id|style],ol[type|class|id|style],li[type|class|id|style],dl[class|id|style],dt[class|id|style],dd[class|id|style],b,i,u,img[src|alt|class|id|style],sup[class|id|style],sub[class|id|style],br,p[class|id|style],table[class|id|style],caption[class|id|style],tbody,theader,tfooter,tr[colspan|rowspan|class|id|style],td[class|id|style],th[class|id|style],div[class|id|style]"

The comment on seems to be updated to match the correct configuration, as the opening and closing of HTML tags <> is apparently from OJS 2 and unnecessary in OJS 3.
I don’t know where to add extended_valid_elements… I searched here and the web, found the documentation on HTMLPurifier and TinyMCE, but to no help …

If required, I’ll open a new post.

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Hello all, @asmecher,

After a lot of testing, I realized HTMLPurifier is removing the <span> tags that are children of the <sup> tag. I’m using this as a way to create a pop-up on hover for references cited in the content added to the configuration.

While I don’t find a way to get around this, I’ll add the at the bottom of the specific content.

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