[Ojs 3.x.x] Fontawesomes and html tags issues in Tiny MCE

Dear all,
Some threads discussed about this issue, e.g. HTML tag allowed, HTML purifier filters "target" atribute, or HTML tags not displayed OJS 3.0.2 - #7 by vvucic. However, the problem exist.

In Ojs 3.1.1, the fontawesomes are working fine in template with li, a, or span tags. But they are ‘purified’ in TinyMCE editors. I tried the following

The result is

Regarding the tags i, a, li, span, class; they are in allowed html in config.inc
allowed_html = "a[href|target|title],em,strong,cite,code,ul,ol,li[class],dl,dt,dd,b,i,u,img[src|alt],sup,sub,br,p"

Any ideas to solve the issue? or those tags are intentionally ‘purified’ in TinyMCE to prevent any danger issues for Ojs?

Thanks a lot

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allowed html: i[class]

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Thanks @Vitaliy

But it does not work, still the same result

What do you see in the actual HTML? Can you inspect the code with the browser?

Here is the result of inspecting browser


And you are expecting to see i tag inside each li element?

Maybe this tag is somehow limited by HTML Purifier. I’ve tried to do the same on their test page and all’s OK there:

Suppose, @asmecher knows better.

Did you know…
I just entered this in the navigation menu configuration in the backend:
Search <i class="fas fa-search"></i>

And it renders this beautiful menu entry: grafik

I am astonished…
Using OJS