XML Crossref files miss the title´s prefix

Hi everybody!

(Using OJS version)

I have recently noticed that XML files generated by CrossRef plugin are missing the information regarding the prefix of the title. This is a problem that was not happening before. Does anybody else observe this?

I thought maybe the plugin needs an upgrading, but I don´t see the option to do thta when cheking the Plugin gallery or the plugin options.

I have cheked the forum and haven´t seen any topic about this issue.

I´m attaching two pictures from same DOI to contrast the info that the DOI currently shows and the info that shows the XML file that I generated today.



Thank you very much for your help,


Hi everybody,

My problem persists. Trying to find out something I found that the problem started when we upload from 3.2.0-3 to

Does anybody else using 3.3 find this problem?



¿¿ El XML que muestras es el DOI o el generado por al OAI ??
Aquí hay otros post que le ha sucedido algo similar

I had the same problem and made a Pullrequest which is now merged into the code.

You can apply the fix manually if you can’t wait for the next release.

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Hola Dago,

No, el OAI lo muestra bien, así como los XML de exportación. El problema está en el plugin de CrossRef. Vamos a probar con la solución a la que han llegado Edelm y Asmecher.


Thank you!! It worked!