Prefix of title does not appear in issue

Hello, When we add prefix to title it does not appear in issue.
Please advise


Hi @vvucic,

Please provide more information, including:

  • The software version you’re having trouble with (OMP 1.2, OJS 2.x, OJS 3.0…)
  • The current theme you’re running on the site
  • A screenshot showing the title and prefix in the submission settings
  • A screenshot showing the display on your issue page
  • If possible, a link to the page where we can see the problem.

Hello, I use OJS 3.0 , default theme. The pages are on my local computer. I will send you screenshot later since I am not close to my computer.


Please check screenshots

Hello, I have the same problem, please help us. Thanks!

vvucic, I found the solution. You need edit the two files in the folder TEMPLATES/FRONTEND/OBJECTS. The files are: “article_details.tpl” and “article_summary.tpl”. You need to include the TAG “{$article->getLocalizedPrefix()|strip_unsafe_html}” before the TAG “{$article->getLocalizedTitle()|strip_unsafe_html}”. I hope have helped you.

Hello, I will do that and let you know.


I added the code as you suggested and it works. Thanks

HI @vvucic,

Thanks for the further details. I’ve looked into this and filed an issue to get this fixed for OJS 3.0.1. It should be an easy fix. You can follow the progress here.

Great! Thanks a lot on support.