WordPress with open journal systems

My site is a WordPress site.
This is my site: nanomicrobiology.com
I need to have a plugin that can fully connect to “open journal systems”, or make Google find our scientific articles properly.
Is there a plugin to connect to “Open Journal Systems”?
If there is no such plugin, what should I do?
Sites and scientific journals like ours (which are built with WordPress), cannot use services like
Google Scaler
, etc. can you help me If you know a solution and can inform me, I would be grateful.
My site has the following permissions:
2821-2479 ISSN And 88530 e-rasaneh

Thanks a lot.

Hi @hj_h,

Unfortunately, I don’t think such a plugin exists. You may want to see some posts here, where this has been discussed:

PKP Team

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I suggest you move to OJS while you haven’t published many articles yet.


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