Using Wordpress and OJS together!

Hi all,

We use Wordpress system for our journal site ( We want to use OJS plugins (for example XML harvesting plugins) for our wordpress journal.

Is it possible?

Can we handle manuscripts with OJS and publish them with Wordpress?


Hi @Journalist,

It’s not possible to use OJS plugins with Wordpress or vice versa – the codebases are entirely different. Some users work with OJS for the workflow and move the content into Wordpress for readers, but I’m not especially sure of what mechanism they use to do this (beyond manual work).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thank you @asmecher

OJS is very very interesting and useful,but it is not beauty!

Is here any free theme for OJS?

Yes, OJS is for publishing journals and not magazines, hence they have given priority to functionality rather than looks. However, there are plenty of themes available. You can look around the forum.

Hi @Journalist,

What version of OJS have you looked at?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

There is a Persian proverb which says the taste of the people is in their eyes!
Some journals such as Nature groups, Elsevier and other great publishers don’t need beauty and elegance
but small journals need it.
We try to find better theme

I want to use OJS 3 version (after finding good theme)

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Have a look on these websites

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Hi @Journalist

OJS 3 frontend is based in BootStrap 3 framework (tks @NateWr) and is possible to develop new themes or customize existing one easily. There´s a theming guide available which may help you (or a frontend developer) to customize a theme as your needings.

This a example of customization I’ve coded, spending few days, to my doctorate department:

It is a OJS3 install with a mobile ready built-in theme and a personalized theme color in a CSS file. If you have a frontend developer on your team I think it won’t be hard to him makes required adjustment you need/ask.

But, you ask about OJS and WordPress. I think wordpress is not a complete solution to a journal workflow, of cource you may use e.g. editorial plugins, but OJS is designed to editorial workflow. I know some people use them both, but, as @asmecher said, I don’t know a integration between this webapps but only manual way.



Hi @Journalist,

As others have said, the short answer to your question is: not really. You can use OJS 3 for the editorial workflow and then manually publish the final product on a WordPress site. But you’ll lose the benefits of scholarly discovery that are part of OJS 3 (XML harvesting, Google Scholar metatags).

It would be possible to build a OJS3/WP integration that solved these problems, but it would take a significant amount of technical work to make it happen. If you have the resources for custom development work, you’ll probably find it cheaper and more reliable to hire a developer to build a custom theme for OJS 3.

Custom themes like those mentioned above are already out there. There’s also the Manuscript theme. And more themes are in development. We hope by this time next year to have half-a-dozen themes available.

We’ll never have anything like WordPress’s large and competitive commercial theme market. But we hope to expand the available options considerably beyond the default theme.