Who is who in JATS (2019)


This is the report about the JATS state of the art that we started in 2017 and we are updating every year. The post assumes you know what is JATS (a technology that, between many other things, can help you to automatize the layout creation, based on XML files for articles) and shows a global picture to let you discover what tools do you have and how they are related if you like to implement this technology.


More we know, more we can explain so this year the report is longer and we packaged it as a PDF:

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Many thanks - I think this is great help!
Just a minor proposal for future versions: You could add a subtitle containing the keyword OJS, such as “Report on OJS-related free software tools”.

Hi @Gerwin. Thanks for your feedback.

Do you mean a subtitle in the post or in the PDF document?

Sorry for being unclear… what I meant was: in the PDF document (because the PDF document might be found via a search engine, with the context of the PKP Forum being lost…)

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@marc : Could you reupload the PDF? It is not reachable anymore. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay @GrazingScientist
Our university is recovering from a ransomware attack and all systems are still down.
Send me a DM with your mail and I will send it to you.

@GrazingScientist link is working again.

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