Where can i find roles table in OJS 3?

i would like to verify role status in role table but i cant find it.

**Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2:4

Role Name role_id
Admin 1
Journal Managers 16
Editors 256
Section Editors 512
Layout Editors 768
Reviewers 4096
Copyeditors 8196
Authors 65536
Readers 1048576
Subscription Managers 2097152

IMPORTANT: Those equivalences change between versions so use this information with caution.

For 3.3.x branches, to get ALL the constants, you can use the “constant.php” function included in tools called as follows:

$ php lib/pkp/tools/constants.php

Or if you want to know what constant matches a particular value, you can “grep” or run:

$ php lib/pkp/tools/constants.php 256