Using OAI-PMH to harvest issue-level metadata and files


We use the OJS OAI-PMH endpoint to harvest article metadata and files for ingestion into a repository (national library’s archive). We have noted that when there is a PDF for a full issue, it does not come with the deposit.

Can the OJS OAI-PMH be used to harvest issue-level metadata and accompanying files? Or if not, is there another protocol that can?

The particular use case we are interested in is when a journal has archives that are only available as full issues (perhaps due to limited resources or time, the editors can’t break the PDF into individual articles). In these cases, we would like to ingest the galley file for the full issue.

What application are you using?
OJS 3.3.0-13

Hi @Ramfra,

The OAI-PMH interface exposes article-level metadata and thus issue-level content is not included. I suppose it could be possible to extend it to include issue-level metadata e.g. as a separate OAI set, but I don’t think it will likely give a very good experience to the whole user community.

Publishing whole-issue galleys results in a reader experience that misses out on a whole lot of other things as well, so we are hesitant to refine it much. It’s mostly used for back-issues where separating into articles is deemed too much work, or situations where the journal provides both article-by-article and whole-issue downloads (e.g. so that readers can download an entire issue to take with them as an option).

If you have dev resources, you might look at one or two of the plugins that augment the OAI-PMH interface with additional data – such as the DRIVER plugin.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks, Alec, for the suggestion to look at the DRIVER plugin! One of our developers will take a look at it.

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