Use PKP PLN Plugin (LOCKSS) with OJS 2.4.7


Dear friends,

I have largely customized ojs 2.4.7. I want to use PKP PLN plugin for LOCKSS. I know that I need to upgrade to 2.4.8 however I dont want to lose my customized files. My customizations are made in mainly in templates, styles, plus few core hacks (even some of them I dont remember).

How I can benefit from PLN plugin? Please advice.

Can I just edit my site version directly from SQL as Currently, it is written as


Hi @ihlasnobatovich

The main benefit from PLN plugin is preservation in different servers of your journal articles as you can see here:

It is definitely not advisable. Each OJS version has fixes and code adjustments that are important to the system. Given you need update to use PKP PLN and you will have a reasonable work demand to adjust it, you could attempt upgrade to OJS3.1 and starting work with themes and child themes on it.

Anyway, you will need import manually your code adjustments, and going directly to OJS3.1 you will avoid a duplicate future work.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

As far as I understand for the sake of using PLN plugin, I need to do lots of work.

Hi @ihlasnobatovich

Your workload depends on what you will need adjust in your theme or some feature you had developed to your OJS install.
But, OJS3.1 has public frontend theme separated from login interface. In matter of fact it would be easier, if you know BootStrap3 and CSS/LESS, customize your OJS layout in OJS3.1.
And you would have more recent OJS version either.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

I tracked and implemented all code changes recorded at OJS 2.4.8 Milestone · GitHub.
I want to use this PLN plugin without upgrading my ojs from 2.4.7 to 2.4.8. Although I have implemented all code changes in above link (ojs 2.4.8 milestone), the plugin status still says “Network Status: This journal must be running OJS 2.4.8 to make deposits to the PKP PLN.” Also, manually corrected ojs version to 2.4.8 through mysql.
I am trying to understand from where PLN plugin check ojs version, if not from mysql version table.
@asmecher, I guess you can help me with it? I already mentioned why I do not want to uprade my version above.

Hi @ihlasnobatovich,

You might find yourself getting into a real mess of partial back-ports if you do this – I think it would be a better investment of time to upgrade your code to the latest 2.4.8 release properly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

PLN is now working for me. I changed codes yesterday, and it started to work just right now. This means that I should wait a while for fully process.

Can You Please suggest that I have to Make Check-Box tick for LOCKS & CLOKS.
so will it automatically be activated?

Hi @Danu_Herlambang,

It seems that this message is coming from the PLN Server that the PLN plugin is trying to connect in order to send deposits.

Could maybe @mjoyce has some idea on that?

Please don’t create multiple threads about the same issue @Danu_Herlambang. It causes confusion and wastes the time of the people trying to help you.

When your journal contacts the PLN server it is reporting an incorrect URL.

@mjoyce and all, sorry for the inconvenience I’ve made. :pensive:
I’ve deleted my posts in this thread.

Thank you so much for your help and solution @mjoyce. :handshake: