Unrecognized DAO StaticPagesDAO!

Hi everyone

I have removed a plugin incidentally about statistics.

Suddenly my site went down with this message:

Unrecognized DAO StaticPagesDAO!

What should I do

Hi ali.ahmadiani,

The (sort of) easy way to solve this is to upload the plugin via FTP and enable it through PHP Admin. You did not mention the name of the plugin, assuming it’s usageStats


Best regards,

Josh Noronha (he/his)
Systems Specialist
PKP|PS Support Team

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Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Yes, it is usageStats!

How I can upload the plugin via FTP?

Hi again
While I am uploading the “usageStats” plugin from GITHUB the following message will come:
The loaded plugin file does not contain a folder that matches the plugin name .
Anybody can help?

Hi @ali.ahmadiani,

you should check the path and name of the plugin.

I don’t know what versions from OJS and usageStats plugin you are working with; but the path should probably be your_ojs_dir/plugins/generic/usageStats

And always ensure that the plugin folder name matches the <application> value from the version.xml file, i.e: usageStats (usageStats/version.xml at main · pkp/usageStats · GitHub)

Edit: look at this