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Hi all,

Because some of you are already using the changes from @litvinovg, maybe someone (@litvinovg?) could test and provide a suitable/special upgrade to OJS 3.1.2 for the users already using that changes? – I believe that you have already made some changes in your DB data so that your data will not be compatible for the default OJS 3.1.2 upgrade. – You will somehow have to see to correctly convert all the needed data…

The scripts used in the OJS 3.1.2 upgrade are:



@bozana, i’m sorry for using this words, but can you explain for “idiots” as me, - i need to make 2 files

with this changes, and what i should to make than?

if it’s not a problem, please contact me at fb:, and i would test all you will say


Hi @redukr

No, I was just pointing how the upgrade process looks like for OJS 3.1.2 and asking if somebody already using the changes from @litvinovg could adapt the upgrade process, because it will probably not work fully correctly for all of you that are already using that changes…
Thus, I was just pointing that the upgrade to OJS 3.1.2 could then be a little bit different/problematic for all of you…
Unfortunately I can not help much because I do not know how your data in the DB now looks like… Maybe there is someone that could better help…



Hi @bozana,
I am going to make these scripts in near future and post an instruction how to switch from my changes to stable 3.1.2 branch. Not sure how fast I could find a time to make it, but it is definitely on my to-do list.
BTW, I haven’t seen 3.1.2 release on main site. Is it finally stable or is it still in process of stabilizing and testing?


@bozana Oh, now i understand.
@litvinovg, Спасибо! будем ждать :slight_smile: и тестить :slight_smile:


Hi @litvinovg

Great! Thanks a lot!
The new release 3.1.2 is coming, probably middle of February. Eventually you could already use the current branches stable-3_1_2 – the multi-lingual user name feature, and especially that data in DB and upgrade process, will not change any more…

Thanks a lot!


Hi @litvinovg!
Is it possible to implement a multilingual bibliography lists for 3.1.2?