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Good time of day , in my OJS I must have authors’ names in two languages ​​. OJS standard means to do it is not possible , the plug- in charge of it can not find . Please advise whether there are any alternative methods of writing the authors’ names in two languages?

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Hi @PaveJI,

See e.g. this thread:

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Hi @asmecher,
We are still “fighting” with the dual language name presentation. It turns out not to be as easy to adopt as dual language reference list. So if you could help us with that we would be really happy!


Hi @apapyn,

We’re certainly interested in this but won’t have the chance to work on it for at least a few months – I agree that it’s potentially fairly complex. Once we get OJS 3.0 released let’s come back and talk about some requirements. I’d also be interested in hearing about how/whether other applications have solved this, if you have relevant experience.

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Does it wotk in OJS 3.0 to give author’s name in two languages? It is crutial issue to start working with OJS.


Hi @Santa,

We haven’t yet made author names multilingual-capable, I’m afraid. It’s on our list.

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It’s pity. I can put the title in another language but not names. I don’t see a reason why name is exception.


May be American/Canadian/Brazilian/etc developers think that there’s no alphabet except Latin one? :smile:

I’ve patched several OJS versions — 2.4.2,, — now we have journals with names in two (or more) languages. Look to or — they are such journals and they have names in English and in Russian. But it’s difficult to upgrade our patched copy of OJS when new release comes.

See also and These repos haven’t instruction on localizing yet but I hope I’ll add it shortly.


Coming back to the question of Authors’ names localization in OJS3…

Would it be easier to localize only the names associated with a submission?
A large part of our submissions is in English and the authors do not care much about this issue.
Nevertheless, it would be nice if there would be a possibility for a (Russian:) author or an Editor to add localized names to the metadata…

What do you think?


Hi all,

This would be wonderful to have solved – it’s on our priority list but unfortunately keeps getting bumped by other things. I apologize for our lack of capabilities on this; believe it or not, when OJS 2.0 was released, pretty much everything was single-locale only; author/user names are one of the few major holdouts. @shoorick, the problem isn’t Latin-centricism – you could equally easily use Cyrillic as Latin – it’s the requirement to choose a single one for author name fields.

Note that we’ve recently added support for locale variants in translations, meaning we can now support e.g. Cyrillic and Latin variants of a single language. That doesn’t resolve this issue, but is a step in the right direction.

@shoorick, we’d love to help groom third-party work for inclusion in future releases – that’s an ideal free/open source story. If that code is ready for a pull request and code review, please let me know! We’re likelier to add this to OJS 3.x than to OJS 2.x – it’s going to be an invasive feature addition with some messy upgrade script implications, and we’re trying not to disrupt the OJS 2.x codebase while we focus on OJS 3.x. (One option would be to refine this work on OJS 2.x and maintain it as an available but unofficial patch, then work with us to forward-port it for formal release in OJS 3.x.)

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We are facing the same issue as we have one journal that accept articles in 3 different languages. We are desperately looking for this function to allow changes of the AUTHORS names and data appear in correspondence language when switching the language interface.

I would have thought that this logical for multilingual OJS but we found out that

English Registration
Name, Username, Affiliation are in English language

Arabic Registration
Name, Username, Affiliation are in Arabic language

Submission in English
Titles, Subtitles, Abstract, Keywords, Disciplines, etc are accepting to be fill in in English and Arabic.

Submission in Arabic
Titles, Subtitles, Abstract, Keywords, Disciplines, etc are accepting to be fill in in Arabic and English.
Moreover, you can edit the Contributors names (Authors), and Edit/fill in the affiliation and Biography in Arabic and English languages.

Only the author name cannot be in two languages, but the affiliation and Biography can be.

This shortcoming is only effect the author’s name. Is it because the name is used as unique key? I am not a programer but If so, what if you can develop USER AUTO ID NUMBER to make the user name fields insignificant so the number ID can be tagged in any language and show the correspondence field names for the selected language if any.


Hi @Dilan_Rostam,

We do have an autoincrement column to identify authors/users – author_id and user_id respectively. The nature of the work that’s required for this is different and we’re aware of its importance to the user community.

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Is there any time frame to deal with this issue please?


Hi @Dilan_Rostam,

No, not yet.

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Unfortunately for Russian-language journals that are included in the Russian scientific databases and in the SCOPUS simultaneously, it is impossible to use OJS now :(((
Such journals are OBLIGED to show Russian names in the Russian-language version of the articles, and simultaneously in the English version of site - the authors’ names in transliteration by an English letter (for SCOPUS). In the case of OJS, the support for multilingual names is not necessary at the submission stage (but preferably in the future), but it is very necessary (now) to enable the editor to enter these names later on editing stage and showing different author-name-fields for different languages of the site (as for the ‘abstract’ field now).


International scientific language is English, so why don’t use author names in this language?


Moreover it’s not hard to provide additional cyrillic author name field. I saw an example on Russian site (Although it was OJS 2.4.8).


Russian-language journals can be included in the SCOPUS with transliteration of authors’ names, translation of title, annotation, keywords and a list of references into English. All this implies two languages - Russian and English for all of these fields.


I discussed with the editor-in-chief of our journal the possibility of moving to OJS from a our static site. He liked the possibility of automating the workflow and UX/UI of OJS 3 only. Unfortunately, everything stopped at the impossibility of using bilingual names of authors and a list of references. And I saw in the discussion on this forum a link to the github repository, with OJS 2.4.8 with bilingual author’s names but when I try to use it, it crashes (strange PHP errors).


The functionality, which would allow names transliteration, was previously said to be in development priorities for 2017:

We have the same problem here. Many of our journals were transferred to OJS 3, but then experts in Scopus said they do not like non-Latin words being displayed on English pages. So some of our other journals now delay moving on to the new platform.

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