Too frequent "New revision uploaded" notifications in OJS


I already wrote about this in github (Author Confirmation Notice that Revised File Has Been Received · Issue #2665 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub), but would like to hear other experiences concerning the topic.

Several of our editors have contacted me after upgrading to OJS that they get a lot of notifications concerning uploaded revisions. At the moment the code basically sends an email notification for every uploaded file.

So if the author uploads something and then deletes it and uploads again, the editor may end up having tens of messages. This has happened with several journals.

Do other journals have similar experiences? My suggestion would be that the automatic notification should be removed and there should be a button that the author can click to notify the editor about the new revisions. So if the author has for example five files to upload, she can first upload all the files and the click on the “Notify editor about new revisions” -button and the editor ends up getting one message instead of five messages.

What do you think?

Same here,
We get email notification for each file uploaded.
It would be great to reduce number of notification as you have suggested.

Best regards,