Revised version uploaded - no email to reviewer / editor (OJS 3.2.1)

I have noticed that there might have been a change, how often an editor / reviewer is notifed about a revised version because of complainments (too many messages, see Too frequent "New revision uploaded" notifications in OJS

We have the problem, that the editor / reviewer only receives a message when a revised version is initially uploaded by the author. If the author uploads a new revision or a revision of an existing file, the editor / reviewer does not receive a message. Is this the correct behaviour of OJS or is there a problem on our side?

Some reviewers would like to receive messages, every time a revision is revised again or a new revision is uploaded by an author. In some cases a review didn’t took place for weeks, because no message to the reviewer was sent, that there is a new revision.

Is it possible to enable this again? I think it would be perfect, if these kind of messages are disabled by default, but a reviewer / editor can enable these kind of messages via a checkbox in the “Notifications” tab of the user profile (something like “Revision activity”).

Yes, this was a change in response to complaints that there were too many emails. Instead of re-enabling emails for every revision uploaded, we are changing how revisions are uploaded. Instead of uploading them one-at-a-time, the author will submit all revisions at once through a step-by-step wizard.

You can see our discussion and mockups at Improve UX for uploading revisions · Issue #4976 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

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