The author is unable to see the Editorial Decisions Recorded at Submission Stage on OJS

After recording an Editorial Decision as “Decline submission” at the submission stage (Desk reject, I think), I wondered how the author can see the recorded message. Although I logged in as the author, I couldn’t find the editorial decision anywhere. If so;
I think it will be better to add this editorial decision to the Pre-review Discussions or another appropriate place. Because, unfortunately, most of our emails are being rejected directly by the email servers in recent days, even without reaching the spam folder. Since the author couldn’t see the editorial history, he/she also cannot see detailed editorial decision (including the reasons for rejection of the article) f the email is lost.

This issue exist since long time but I am not sure why PKP team ignoring it-

Hi @aabahishti
I am sure the PKP developers are not ignoring our requests or bug reports, but sometimes these requests might have been lost among their enormous workload. I always get some kind of support here, and sure this will get this time too. I always appreciate their work. I didn’t open an issue report on Github because I am not sure if it hasn’t been reported before. I am a bit foreigner to Github issue reporting.

Hi! @drugurkocak
You are taking my sentences in a wrong sense, I am well aware of their hard and generous work and always appreciated. What I mean by ignorance is that it seems intentional workflow as github issue was already opened and closed but I could not understand their intended solution.

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Hi @aabahishti,
Yes, It’s my misunderstanding, sorry. So I think it would be good for everyone to bring this issue back to the discussion.

Hi all - I was the one who closed the bug report, entirely due to my own misreading of the request. I agree, this should be reopened.



Thank you @jmacgreg, and @aabahishti
I am again sorry for misunderstanding, because I am not a native English speaker and I cannot distinguish some minor differences in words’ meanings.
I have thought about the sentence; “The author can not see Editor decision…”
Actually, the author can see that the editor’s decision… But only as “declined” or “accepted”.
More and more people are faced with spam email every day. Unfortunately, every new measure is against us. Since some emails never reach the author’s inbox, they may regret and hate us for sending their articles to our journal (Please see the Refused to Connect Message between Email Servers). Although our mail server never sends spam, and all methods such as Domainkeys (DKIM), smtp authentication, default_envelope_sender, antivirus and antispam software (etc…) are installed, some email servers has blocked our server ip. Even our server ip (or domain) is not listed any of 95 known blacklists, our emails may have been blocked somewhere in the space.
I apologize for extending the word very much, please consider placing the editorial record to Pre-Review Discussions, or may be to a better place for the editorial decisions of Submission stage.
Best Regards,