Author can not see Editor decision if article get declined without peer-review (OJS 3.1)

Many articles get declined without initiating review process and moved to archives. When the author visits submission through archive tab, it shows only status declined but no detailed notification get logged to see reason. (Using OJS3.1)
On the other hand, if article get declined/revision/accepted after peer review process a notification section available to see all editor decision.
I think similar notification section should be available with editor decision letter if article get declined without reviewing as sometimes notification email end up in spam or fail to send mail and the reason cannot be known just by seeing article detail through author dashboard.

Hi @aabahishti

A github issue was filled to this issue you reported.
Please track down in this link:

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team


My new install suffers from the same issue. When the problem is solved, could you please post the location and code that needs to be patched. I would prefer to alter the code in my system directly than go through a github procedure.

In the meantime, I’m just moving submissions to the “Review” stage and then immediately declining them.

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