The Archive_Tar PHP extension must be installed before the PKP PN can be enabled plugin


I am using OJS I have installed PKP PN plugin from plugin gallery. Its setting shows an error message “The Archive_Tar PHP extension must be installed before the PKP PN can be enabled”. I have gone through few of the posts in the forum. However, could not figure out. Service provider has confirmed that Archive tar is installed in server.
I am not an IT expert. I request all of you to guide me from scratch. I am also sharing php error log in case you need it

Hi @RaKa,

Yes - sharing your PHP error log messages would be helpful. You may also wish to have a look at this post here: The Archive_Tar PHP extension must be installed before the PKP PN can be enabled

Additionally, please note that OJS 3.1 is no longer supported by PHP - I would recommend that you upgrade (although that is not necessarily related to this particular issue).

PKP Team

Here I attach the error log, please help

Hi @RaKa,

That didn’t work, unfortunately. Can you post the contents of your error log here to the forum? Thanks,



First let me clarify this is not a problem with PKP software… is a general misconfiguration in your web server, and this forum is not the right place to ask about how to make apache work.

If you are in a hurry, please look for help in forums specialized on apache or in stackoverflow, where I’m sure you will find some clear indications about how to fix the issue.

Said that, let’s see if we can help you.

Please, don’t ask people to get a google user to reach your logs. They are helping and may be some of use don’t like to expose our digital identity to google.

Easiest way to publish your log is posting in this forum (with the “code” tag) or better… post in pastebin and publish a link here.

About your issue, this happens for two reasons:

  1. You are using an outdated version of OJS (this is not a requirement any more in 3.3 versions).
  2. Because your apache lacks of support for tar (when this is installed and well configured, error won’t be shown).

As far as 3.1.2-4 is a quite old version (unsupported by PKP) I encourage you to upgrade to a supported one. You will get new features, security patches and better performance… and the error will disapear like magic.

You have detailed documentation about how to upgrade here:

If, for any reason, you can upgrade, you will need to deal with the issue.

You will need some basic technical skills before doing it… like be able to login to your server with a root user or got the background knowledge to understand technical explanations.

Said that, the easiest way to install Archive_Tar is via pear.

Here you have detailed instructions:

If you can’t follow this guide, please ask or hire a technician.

Once you are sure you have pear and Archive_Tar installed, please check if you can enable PKP-PN and otherwise, forward us your php log.


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