Tar command not available

Dear all

using OJS on apache, php5.6, mysql.
While trying to install that new DNB-Plugin my system claims that tar is not configured in config.inc.php .
However it is configured there and present at the given path.
Yes, there is open_basedir turned on. So, even if I move tar to a more private place with adjustable rights my system claims that tar is still not configured or accessible. Just as if nothing changed.

So while installing the plugin is one thing and could be done via alternative ways I will need tar for the plugin itself.

Could someone PLS help? Thank you so much

Are you getting the error “open_basedir restriction in effect” in your PHP error logs?

If you do see a message like:

Warning: is_executable(): open_basedir restriction in effect. 
File(/usr/bin/tar) is not within the allowed path(s)

then this indicates your problem could be resolved by changing your open_basedir paths; or, by copying or symlinking tar into one of the existing open_basedir paths, then changing the location in config.inc.php.

If you see another message in the error logs, that would indicate that something other than the open_basedir restriction is at play.

Dear @ctgraham, dear @bozana, dear @CFanselow (from Github, how could we copy her into this?)
thanks for your help, but upon further investigation, and after no traces were left in any logfiles I got one step further:

The point is the following line in the plugin which is also used in other plugins:

$tarBinary = Config::getVar(‘cli’, ‘tar’);
if (empty($tarBinary) || !is_executable($tarBinary)) {

By just deleting

|| !is_executable($tarBinary)

I found out that tar is found, pretty much wherever I put it, and to prevent any interference with open_basedir, I put it in some /…/private/ place. But yet still the plugin doesn’t run properly, meaning that tar is probably indeed not executable.

So next I will try to sort things with my webhost, and will let you know…