Switch off Author Biography on Article page

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In OJS3, I was wondering if there is a way to switch off the Author Biography on the Article page? See below. I am unable to find this option in the dashboard.

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+1 Commenting to say we’ve also had this request to be able to turn off the biographies at the bottom. There does not seem to be a way to do this in the user interface so we are exploring how to do with some theme modifications.


I want to reiterate this. We have some multi-author papers with some with bios, some not, so an incomplete list shows up. Some write informally and could be writing a paragraph and because this is a dynamic long form text field that will update live on display anytime they change it post-publication, I think it would be good to have a toggle where we can suppress it. OR… to be more fixed with short text fields to list additional titles/affiliations, so not free text/sentences


How did you resolve this?


Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. Just writing to say that we are interested in a solution to this as well. On our multi-journal OJS, some journals want to have more control over what is being presented on their website. If an author is registered to several journals, removing the biography from user is not a good solution.

Theme modification should be simple, but would prefer a built-in solution that can be managed by the journal. So a +1 from me as well :slightly_smiling_face:

It is not possible to switch off Author Biography on Article page for now.

However, you can hide the Author Biography field on the article page in different ways.

Method 1
It can be made invisible by adding the following code to the css file.

.item.author_bios {
display: none;

Metod 2
You can remove the relevant field by deleting the following code on the article_details.tpl page.
you can delete the Author Biography field from the templates file.

{* Author biographies *}
			{assign var="hasBiographies" value=0}
			{foreach from=$publication->getData('authors') item=author}
				{if $author->getLocalizedData('biography')}
					{assign var="hasBiographies" value=$hasBiographies+1}
			{if $hasBiographies}
				<section class="item author_bios">
					<h2 class="label">
						{if $hasBiographies > 1}
							{translate key="submission.authorBiographies"}
							{translate key="submission.authorBiography"}
					{foreach from=$publication->getData('authors') item=author}
						{if $author->getLocalizedData('biography')}
							<section class="sub_item">
								<h3 class="label">
									{if $author->getLocalizedData('affiliation')}
										{capture assign="authorName"}{$author->getFullName()|escape}{/capture}
										{capture assign="authorAffiliation"}<span class="affiliation">{$author->getLocalizedData('affiliation')|escape}</span>{/capture}
										{translate key="submission.authorWithAffiliation" name=$authorName affiliation=$authorAffiliation}
								<div class="value">

We added an option for switching off the Author Biography and created a pull request for it (Allow journals to disable author biography by kmcarnes · Pull Request #3321 · pkp/ojs · GitHub).

Your feedback is welcome and we hope that you find it helpful.

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