Stupid question: Enabling / Disabling display of Metadata on article page

Hi everybody,
probably my question is really stupid, but I just cant find a solution, in spite of a lot of googling around. I am also not sure whether it might a just problem with our installation so that I cannot find the right controls. Apologies in advance…

My question:
Where in the setup can I control what kind of metadata are displayed on the page of a published article?

Following an (perhaps overdue?) OJS update some time ago there are now sections like references (I don´t know where the system got these from?) or author biographies (from the author profiles) displayed that we do not want to be displayed.

Where do I determine the actual page structure of the published article? How can I select what kind of metadata are displayed?

I am sorry if this is a too stupid question!

Thanks a lot in advance!!


Hi @mac,

The metadata displayed as a part of a published article is pretty standard across the board if you’re just using OJS out of the box, and not too customizable. Typically you’ll see author name (and, if they’re available - author biographies, abstract, license etc.). In order to customize what is displayed, one would have to get involved in customizing a theme. This post has a user indicating that they’re interested in the same option for disabling author biographies: Switch off Author Biography on Article page.

For customizing themes, please see our theming documentation: PKP Theming Guide

For references, specifically, you do have the option to disable the display of these: Chapter 15: Production and Publication (please note this documentation is for OJS 3.2 - I’m not sure what version you’re using).


Hi Roger,
thank you very much for your reply!
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