SVG logo doesn't show but is present in the code

Uploading a journal logo in svg format results in that it doesn’t show on the journal website.
It is present in the code, but with null width and height.

However, the width and height attributes of the img tag doesn’t help.

I managed to show the logo only by adding

style="width: xyz px;"

through a browser DevTools.

So adding css would be the only way to show vector logo? There is no place to define size in the dashboard form.

Hi @piotreba

Currently, OJS supports JPG and PNG as images for branding. You can read more about it from PKP Documentation ( Branding Your Journal - Designing Your OJS Journal (

I suggest you to use these formats for the moment and file an issue on Github Repo of OJS with a feature request to support SVG as journal logo.


Hi @israel.cefrin,

Now it’s clear. Thanks.