Suggested reviewers plugin for OJS3

Hi all!

We at Ubiquity Press are very happy to announce that we’ve released another open source plugin for OJS 3, which allows for authors to pass on to the journal editorial team suggestions for potential peer-reviewers to include and/or exclude.

Often authors are some of the best and most knowledgeable individuals about the status, knowledge base, and research specialisation, of other academics in their field. This allows them to offer a valuable insight into potential candidates for peer-review. From our customers, we received strong feedback that this functionality was integral to both finding great quality reviewers, avoiding conflicts of interest, and making the review process more efficient.

This plugin can be found here:

It adds three new parts to OJS 3:

  1. In settings>workflow>review>setup, a new setting is added, with two checkboxes enabling the toggling of ‘Reviewers to include’ and ‘Reviewers to exclude’ functionality, independent of each other (see image 1). This allows a little leeway for journals to tailor their approach.

  2. When either checkbox is ticked, a new section is added to the submission form, with a short description, at the bottom of section ‘3. Enter Metadata’ (see image 2). ‘Recommended Reviewers’ and/or ‘Excluded Reviewers’ text fields are added to this section as appropriate. If only one checkbox is ticked, the section, title, and description will appear, but only the single appropriate text field is added.

  3. When this plugin is added, a new section is added to the top of the Add reviewer pop-up window on the review page for all submissions. This section displays the values that were entered in the submission form by the author (see image 3). Please note that these fields are present even when the checkboxes are left unticked in the settings page. This is by design, so that recommendations remain visible to editors, even if circumstances change and a decision is made for recommendations to no longer be taken for new submissions.

We are always happy to accept suggestions / bugfixes / improvement / translations!


(PM, Ubiquity Press)


Hi Pete,

Great, this is a much requested feature from our editors too. Which OJS 3.x version is required?


Hi Armin,

I’m glad that this stands to be useful for you and your editors. OJS version 3.2.0 is the minimum version required for this plugin.


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Hi all, just a further note - when installing this plugin, please make sure to rename the plugin folder to suggestedReviewers. This is also mentioned in the readme file.