Submission problems with ojs 3.0 at initial stage

Hi dear i am facing submission problems as i start submitting an article in OJS 3.0 it stucks at initial stage. please advise me. thanks What to do now please help me my URL is

Please try to be more detailed when describing issue. What is exactly the problem. Can you post screenshot?

hi dear here is the screen shot of journal submission page…
we are hosting a journal at the link
url of screen shot is…

Page does not proceed and stucks at this screen shot…

WHich roles you have as user?
Does section have assigned Section editor?

i was using a user with subscriber role only… i first registered it as a normal via register link then i started submission. i wanted to make a video guide for journal users with this user name but i found that submission is not happening as it sticks.

i have not been assigned as section editor.

the account i am using have the following roles

Please post php error messages.


no error message appears as page sticks as shown in the pic

In php error log you do not see any error? Is error logging enabled?

how to enable error log?/

Please go to administration and in part System information you will see something like this:

Please make screenshot of version history and server information of your installation.

It seems to me that your OJS is 3.0.X which is old version with several bugs. Please upgrade to 3.1.0-1.
However, please firstly do backup, your template changes etc. and try again. It should work.
Please check with your hosting company or institution system administrator about version of jquery that is on your server.


yes sir i have installed version 3.0

should i upgrade to latest…
what is the latest version


The lates version is 3.1.0-1
You can download it from here.
Please make backup of your design customizations, database…

hi dear i have downloaded the latest version installed it but when i install my backedup database in phpMyAdmin by importing. version 3.0 message in administration is shown. as i already screenshot this.

did you proceed withthe upgrade procedure on existing database. Upgrade procedure will adjust databse. You do not need just to inmport database, you shoudl extract all OJS 3.1. files into your OJS folder and delete files of previous version. However, make backup pof customized things.
You do not need to delete but put in it that installed=Off.
The system will ask you whether you want to upgrade and you should clicc on that and system will do upgarde including database and it will show that version is 3.1

After completion of upgrade you should put in that installed=on and you will be able to use it. However, after that you can apply your customizations of layout of pages etc.

ok thank you dear. your information is very helpful

Be persistent and success will come. Indeed, please feel free to ask questions. I am more than happy to help you :slight_smile:

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