Stylesheet not showing

The web pages are showing just with white background and black text - all unformatted. Earlier today and for weeks they have been showing all formatting perfectly well. The error log was last modified a few days ago. The last thing I did today was upload a new favicon and copy. The dashboard is accessible and all looking and working as normal. Using OJS 3.02

Any help urgently needed as journal launches in ten days



Hi @gail

hmmm… Which theme do you use (under Settings > Website > Theme ? It seems like bootstrap. Do you have all source code needed? Also try to delete the chache: Administration > clear data and template cache.


fyi @bozana this is a duplicate Stylesheet not loading - #2 by ajnyga

Thanks both. @Bozana, I am using Bootstrap theme. Slate. It has all been working perfectly so all the source code should there and does appear to be there. Is it okay to clear data and template cache or will I lose other formatting settings and uploaded material? Should I make a backup first?

Gail Simon, D.Prof
Murmurations. Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice

I have cleared the data and template cache with no change. Still unformatted website. Please can you suggest something else I can try? It is strange as I have not touched any code.

Strange… Do you have any .CSS file in your folder cache/ ? Do you have a file with a name “–bootstrap.css” there?

Also, could you take a look in your server error log file if there is any error when you call$$$call$$$/page/page/css?name=bootstrap ?

EDIT: Ah, I see, now it is working :slight_smile: What was the problem?

I have done nothing to either break or mend it!!! Unless clearing the cache took time to clear. I just hope it doesn’t happen again when we launch on 23rd October! :slight_smile: thank you @bozana

Maybe it was the memory issue mentioned here: Problem with css - #24 by luismurillo
If your memory gets really close of being exhausted so that sometimes the compiling of the CSS files works and sometimes not? Just a guess.

Can you see if your memory limit is 32M?