Statistics OJS 3.1, Article Usage Visual Statistics #

I have reviewed the documentation regarding statistics, specifically Article Usage Visual Statistics #, but I seem to have missing functions on my installation. I am asking your confirmation or if there is a setting I should change.

This is my view of the left bar:

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 10.50.39

I do not see a statistics item…
If anyone has experiences on generating yearly stats, I would be very pleased to have a chat and make sure I get in the right direction.

Hi @lsteele,

When you click on “Statistics” under the Tool menu - what do you see on that screen (or does it produce an error?)


I get this screen

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 15.29.19

If I click on Articles report I receive a csv file, which gets all garbled when I open it in excel (it may be my fault, but usually they play well). This file additionally reports all authors, affiliation, bios, section etc, but no info on downloads or views.

I see also that the counter reports are now populated with some data, but I can export xml files and cannot handle them in excel, so I don’t know if they are any good to me…
thank you for your quick reply: reports are very important to me and as it is my first year on this multi journal site I want to get them right and consistent.

Are you on OJS 3.1.2 or later? The visual statistics are not available in any version less than 3.1.2.

Unfortunately we are on… this explains a lot. Thanks for getting back to me!!

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