Site-wide configuration of ORCID Profile Plugin

We’re running OJS 3.1.2-1 and trying to get the ORCID plugin 1.1.0 configured site-wide, because the official readme states that you can

Enable site-wide configuration of ORCID API settings using

However we haven’t been able to find the required values in the documentation (the “installation” section is empty) or anywhere else for that matter. This old thread leads nowhere as far as we can tell. Can you tell us the values required and what the consequences are for adding them to

Failing this, is it possible to hide the (member API) client secret in a multi-journal environment?

The code indicates that the following can be setting names in, in a section named orcid:

  • api_url
  • client_id
  • client_secret

Worked great, thanks! Add it to the readme please.

I really just need a straight answer – is it or is it not possible to implement the ORCID plugin for multiple journals on the same OJS instance?

Above it looks like this is possible, but then…

I came across this in the ORCID OJS plugin documentation on this page: Installation and Setup it says: “After you have obtained an API key from ORCID, you can enable and configure the plugin in OJS. For multi-journal installations this needs to be done on a per-journal basis as this plugin is not a site-wide plugin”

What is the correct answer? Can we get some clear documentation on what people need to do to enable ORCID across multiple journals? THanks!

We actually added the information on how to set this up site-wide to the page you are referring to, but the changes don’t seem to have come through to docs yet. Have a look at the GitHub repository to see the changes:


Hi @ojs_univie and @srabun,

Thanks, @ojs_univie, for updating the ORCID plugin guide with this information. We merged the changes you made into the guide but they will not be reflected in the published version of the guide until we do a “rebuild” of the Documentation Hub. It’s an extra step required with the software we use. This should be done tomorrow.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Also added a pull request to add the link for PKP|DOCS to the README of the plugin’s GitHub Repo.

Information is published in PKP|DOCS and README links to the latter. Issue resolved.

Many thanks to @ctgraham and @astevens for your replies and of course to @kaitlin and @asmecher for accepting the pull requests!