Simple form for newsletter subscription in OJS?


I have the same question than Mark in the old forum about subscription at a newsletter :

We are looking for a way for users to fill out a simple email field in order to subscribe to a digital newsletter.
We don’t want to send an email to all the registered users, but to all people who are interested in the journal that don’t necessary want to go through the huge registration process.

Mark found a way to integrate JotForm to write to a google spreadsheet in order to accomplish his goal.
I would to know if there is another way to do it more integrated in OJS ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

The built-in method for this would be the Notifications / Announcements feature. The end user has a single-field subscription option via the “Notifications → Subscribe” option. They would then receive email announcements posted by the Journal Manager.

Hi @ctgraham,
Would there be something similar in OJS3? Thank you!

I have not personally used them, but it looks like Announcements are available in OJS3 under:
Settings → Website → Announcements

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Our users ask us if it’s possible to add a button/form for the end-users (readers) to subscribe to newsletters. I do not see any such feature in Settings → Website → Announcements. Is it intended to be there?)

No, this Announcements function is what I suggested might be the OJS equivalent of a “newsletter”. In 2.x, readers could be emailed a notification “a new announcement has been posted”; there may be similar functionality in 3.x, but I’m not personally sure.

Subscription to such would probably live in the user’s Profile.