Sending new published issue emails


I noticed that the file contains two options for sending emails. Below are my questions for each:

time_between_emails - The description for this option is specific to non-editorial emails. Does this option also apply to the emails sent for newly published issues?

max_recipients - The description specify’s “non-privileged users”. Does this option also pertain to emails sent by journal managers?

The reason for the questions above is that a journal manager will be sending out an announcement to all registered users in regards to the newly published issue. I want to make sure those options in the config file will apply to his email to avoid his emails being blocked by our mail servers.

Thank you


Wondering is anyone can help me answer to the above question. I just want to know if the time_between_emails and max_recipients options in the config file pertain to Journal Managers sending out an announcement in regards to a newly published issue to all registered journal users.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


What version of OJS are you using?

In 2.x these options are used when clicking on the little “email” button to send an email from one user to another. The Site Admin, Journal Manager, Editor, and Section Editor accounts are not restricted by these options.

In 3.x these options appear to be defunct and unused.


We are currently on version 3. When you say in version 3.x the options appear to be defunct and unused, do you mean they do not apply at all even though they are present in the config file?

Yes, that is correct.