Review complete notification

Hi! is there a way for the software to automatically notify you when a reviewer completes a review process.

Previously, in OJS 2, there was a email template called “REVIEW_COMPLETE” that was sent automatically when the review was completed which, in version 3, was removed. But in the first versions of OJS 3, if I am not mistaken, a notification was sent (supplanting the template) notifying the editors that the evaluation process was completed.

The problem is that now it doesn’t send anything, not even the notification! Is there any way for the system to notify without having the reviewer to create a conversation?

Application Version: OJS

Hi @didoemilio,

You are correct that the “Review_Complete” email template was removed in recent versions and replaced with an automated notification to the editor. This notification should be received by editors and will say "A reviewer has commented on “Article Title.” Since this is a notification and not an email template, the text cannot be customized.

There was an issue with an earlier version ( where this notification did not come through for journals using custom review forms, but this was addressed in later versions.

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 3.02.23 PM

I tested this on version and the “reviewer has commented” notification was received by the editor with and without a custom review form being used. Can you confirm that none of your editors are receiving this notification? Do they receive other automatic notifications, such as the one that’s sent when a reviewer accepts or declines a review request?

There’s nothing in error logs. Mail’s are delivered correctly but the system does not notify editors when a review is completed. The “REVIEW_CONFIRM” and “REVIEW_DECLINE” mail templates are not sent.
Yesterday we update to version