[OJS] Review Complete email not being sent or received

The Review Complete email is not being sent to editors.

How can we get this working?

The other emails listed below are working fine.

Review Ack
Review Confirm
Review Remind
Review Remind Auto
Review Request
Review Request Remind Auto
Review Request Subsequent

We are running OJS



Are you using a custom review form? If you are, see Move "new reviews are in" notification code outside default review form else clause by ajnyga · Pull Request #3553 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Yes I am using a form that we created for the journal.

I think I found the code changes that are at the link indicated in this screen shot. Are these the changes I need to make?



you can see the fix in “Files changed” tab: Move "new reviews are in" notification code outside default review form else clause by ajnyga · Pull Request #3553 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
But the diff there actually looks a lot more complicated than it is.

OK Great

I will make those changes and test it.

Thanks so much for your quick replies.


I made the changes and then tested the review process. For the reviewer step 2 looks OK but when clicking continue Step 3 is blank. I went back and removed the changes and still same thing.

I only changed the code in the areas indicated and have gone back to check if I missed anything but I must have.


I restored the file from a backup copy and now Stage 3 works OK. See the image.

Has this fix worked for anyone? I will check the changes again but they appear to be the same as listed in Move "new reviews are in" notification code outside default review form else clause by ajnyga · Pull Request #3553 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


The should fix work. We have had it in our production server with 60 journals for a week now. And I know at least one other journal that had the same problem and fixed it with doing the changes there. That is already merged to the master branch so it will be available in the next OJS release.

What are you using to make modifications to the file? If you are using something like Notepad, that could create problems when you edit the OJS files.

The other option is that if you made the changes manually, there were some errors in the process. You could then try to replace the whole file with the modified version https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ajnyga/pkp-lib/9c04dcf28fc9f3ffccf3fe606953621335d4af75/classes/submission/reviewer/form/ReviewerReviewStep3Form.inc.php


I replaced the file with the one in the link you sent. Same result see image.

Is there something else I must check. See above image with original file active.


What editor do you use to edit the file? The only thing I can think of is that the file is corrupted someway when you save the changes. What error do you get in php error log after the change when you go to that stage?

The code changes are in the execute function and that function is only called when you move from stage 3 to stage 4.

The other option is of course that you wait for a few weeks, the change is now in master branch and will be available in the next OJS release. You can then just upgrade to that version when it is released.

I copied thew file in the last link you sent to Word. Then I checked it against the old file. The changes were verified. Then I uploaded the new file to the server.

In the first iteration I made the changes directly in cpanel and verified them.

Is it possible that something is going on with the way the review form is specified or handled. As you can see from previous posts Step 3 works fine. I wonder if the code above the change is affecting this when the new bracket at line 194 is inserted.

I am a little hesitant to upgrade right now as the process from 2.4.8 was tedious and time consuming. Also from the posts there seem to be a lot of issues with 3.1.1 upgrades.

Thank for your patience with us.



Although upgrades can be difficult sometimes, there are always a lot of bugs that get fixed. Wait for the release, it will probably fix most of the problems you have seen here with 3.1.1 upgrades.

The problem is probably that you use Word to edit the file. Try downloading a program like Notepad++ and edit the file with that. Word could add something there that breaks the file. I have not used cpanel myself to edit files so do not know if editing php files with the file manager there has problems.

OK I used notepad to save the file in your link and uploaded it to the server. You were right that Word must have inserted something. Important lesson learned!

Now Step 3 works and the system sends an email to the editor after the review has been completed. The issue now is that it is not the Review Complete email but a notification (See Below)

Is there something that needs to be changed to have the system send the Review Complete email. That email is in my list of emails in the Workflow.

Thanks for your insight.



That is the correct message the system is sending now.

In 3.0.2 the system used to send a “all reviews are in” email, but since 3.1.0 that changed so that the system sends the “reviewer has commented on” notification after each review. See OJS "All reviews are in" notifications are not being sent anymore · Issue #3423 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Edit: the email template is probably left there by accident. Or what template do you mean exactly?

Here is the one that the system sent in earlier versions. Guess it is left over. It would be nice to have it back but at least we are now getting notified when a reviewer has done something. We can live with that for now.


Yeah, I think that is an old template left behind. I do not think it has been used since 2.4.8 ojs/ReviewerAction.inc.php at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub at least I do not remember seeing that back in 3.0.2 or 3.1.0 and could not find it in the code either.

In any case, if you think that the current notification is not as good as it could be, you can always add a feature request here at the forum.

Yes It seems to be a leftover. However the notifications that appear to be related to any activity on a submission are good enough ticklers that something has been done. Not specific on what but at least I know to check.

Maybe in the future I can find out where these are structured so they can be modified.

I am having this same problem - version with custom review forms. Tried to manually make changes but I don’t have the file (classes/submission/reviewer/ReviewerReviewStep3Form.inc.php) in my directory. I have a file with that name in the classes/submission/form folder, but the contents look nothing like the one shown in this link: Move "new reviews are in" notification code outside default review form else clause by ajnyga · Pull Request #3553 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub