Responsive FrameWork for OJS

I was looking at this thread Coding Standards (2015) - #44 by marc with great interest.
I see Bootstrap mentioned as a possible responsive Framework.

I was wondering what Responsive Framework are you using for OJS-3.


Hi Edward,

We’re not using any HTML/CSS framework for OJS 3.0. The responsive grid in the frontend of OJS 3.0 is very simple and so we’ve opted not to adopt a large mockup framework like Bootstrap.

Having said that, one of our big priorities with OJS 3.0 is to encourage a more active theming ecosystem. We’ve made several improvements which will make theming much easier:

  1. The frontend and backend are now separated, so you only need to theme the frontend of your site.
  2. We include a LESS compiler so you can use modern CSS techniques.
  3. We’ve implemented a sort-of MVC structure for the frontend templates, so it should be easier to find and edit a template file when building your own theme.

One of the things I’d hope to see shortly after OJS 3.0’s release is a Bootstrap 4 base theme. This would be a great foundation for others to build on and customize. We’re also hoping to be able to provide at least a couple official frontend themes, and continue building more in the future.

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