Registering users with OJS 3.0

I upgraded OJS 2.4.8 to OJS 3.0 and set User Registration for both our journals to:

• The Journal Manager will register all user accounts. Editors or Section Editors may register user accounts for reviewers.

Then I tested these settings. They work fine as long as I have Journal’s site open (only the button ‘login’ appeares); when I am on our main site with the lists of both journals, also button ‘register’ appeares and anyone can register with the journal he/she wishes.

How can this be solved?

Thanks a lot.

I tested the above described problem with testdrive journal.

I chose 3 out of all available journals and set for them:

• The Journal Manager will register all user accounts. Editors or Section Editors may register user accounts for reviewers.

Then I went to the main site of ojs testdrive installation and used register button to register as an author for two of the journals for which I made the setting — and I was able to register myself despite the restriction I made.

Is this a bug to be fixed?

Thank you very much,


Hi @ania,

Thanks for the heads-up on this. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on holiday and this is kind of in my field of responsibility.

I’ve filed an issue so that this gets looked at and fixed in a future version if we can reproduce it.

Hi @ania,

I took a look at this today but I was unable to reproduce the problem that you describe. I have done the following:

  1. Go to the admin area.
  2. Go to Users & Roles > Site Access Options
  3. Checked the button for “The Journal Manager will register all user accounts. Editors or Section Editors may register user accounts for reviewers.”
  4. Clicked Save.

I then browsed to the site index which lists journals and I did not see a Register link. I also went to that journal’s site and did not see a Register link. I also went directly to the registration URL at and received the following notice.

“This journal is currently not accepting user registrations.”

Can you run through your test again and let me know if you have this problem with OJS 3.0? I’m using the master development version, so it’s possible this has already been fixed. But I’m not aware of any changes that were made to this since 3.0’s release.

Thank you for reply @NateWr,

Unfortunately, we definitely still have the problem I described above.
Our installation of OJS 3.0 was made soon after the new version appeared, on 1 of September .

As you can see from the screenshot, the settings are chosen: “The Journal Manager will register all user accounts. Editors or Section Editors may register user accounts for reviewers.”

But on the main site with the list of journals the link register is present. I have checked this many times and really do not know what I should do. Can you tell me where from I can download the version of OJS which does not has this problem?

Thank you, Anna

You know, I think you maybe have a pre-release version of OJS 3.0 or something. I looked at the commit history of the template file with the Register link in it, and it hasn’t been changed since August 31, before 3.0 was released. And I can see that the disabled registration check has been in place since May.

Unless anyone else can reproduce this, I’m not really sure what to do. Is anyone able to test these conditions and let me know if they can reproduce this?

I have tested it on the online test version of OJS 3.

It behaved as I described above.


@NateWr, from where can I download the version of OJS 3.0 that doesn’t create this problem?
Our version was downloaded from
-ojs 3.0 and it does have problem with the registration link.


Sorry, I’m just not able to reproduce the problem you’re having. @asmecher, do you have any ideas?

Hi @NateWr,

The key might be having a site with several journals on it, with a mix of enabled and disabled registrations. Try going to the site homepage on a site with several journals, and clicking the registration link from there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Ok, I see where my misunderstanding was. I thought @ania was referring to the Register link which used to appear beside journals in the site index.

I see now she’s talking about the registration contexts, which only appear on the site-wide registration form. That’s where the weird role-selection takes place. I’ve re-opened the issue with a note about this.

how to disable user register as Reviewer ? i want the registration only for author.

Hi @acahya,

In OJS 3.x, go to Tools > Users & Roles, and find the Roles tab. Edit your reviewer roles and uncheck the checkbox that allows user self-registration.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Oh… Thanks Alot its help me

Dear @NateWr
We have a similar situation in test mode (localhost) as can be seen in the below screenshot.
We use OJS, Manuscript Default Child theme. We also have two journals on the main site. All requirements for database and apache version in Xampp were passed.

Here is the detail issue:

After logging in using JM account, we set up journal and website setting. After logging out from the account, the page shows the login page. Even we chose the register button, the page still shows the login page. By the login page, when we used admin account (account for installation OJS) to log in, it shows Site Administration page. Here we clear data cache and expire user sessions then it logged out from all account. The page then shows the “main site” consisting of both journals and also there are log in and register menu at the page header. When we chose to register, the page shows “***This journal is currently not accepting user registrations” as @ania’s problem.

We followed recommendations to check session_cookie_name = OJSSID from Random (?) login problems and also to set *session_check_ip = Off from OJS 3 can't login, no errors - #2 by asmecher but the problem still unsolved.
How does user register to the journal from the situation like this? Please help us.
Thank you.

Hi @Sandy_Yansiku,

What are the settings for that journal under Users & Roles > Site Access Options?

Please also share with us what version of OJS you are using.

We use OJS The setting is below

We then logged out all account, stop the PHP and MySQL on Xampp, quit Xampp and restart it as a new visitor, the link of the journal homepage showed login screen. We chose register button but the page remains on login form.

It wont open the url of http://localhost/ojs3114siartek/index.php/jsiartek. It directly goes to http://localhost/ojs3114siartek/index.php/jsiartek/login

Under the User Registration section, change the selection to “Visitors can register a user account with the journal”. When the other option is selected, a logged out user will not be able to register.